Rahul Dev

Managing Director at Laureate

Mr Rahul Dev is the current Managing Director at Laureate for 14 years, bringing over 3 decades of versatile experience across sectors and domains. 

before starting his entrepreneurial journey, he has been CXO at Accenture, Fidelity Investments, Ericsson, Gillette.

Before leading various functions in global companies in India and abroad, in his previous avatar he was known as Major Rahul Dev. 

Besides his role as managing director of Laureate Global, Rahul is also the Brand curator of Firebrand – the personal branding seminar that he has done for several organisations in 14 countries. Rahul is also a permanent visiting faculty at IIM Ahmedabad for the last 20 years for Leadership and Personal Branding.

Recognised as a Keynote and Motivational Speaker, Rahul has coached over 400 leaders, CXOs, celebrities, politicians, and artists in Leadership Branding.

Rahul brings a wealth of experience, making him an invaluable addition to the HR Showcase.


14:00 - 15:00

Friday 9th February

Human Intelligence & Generative AI...Models of Coexistence

The positive coexistence of humans and AI is possible and needs to be designed as a system that not just provides for all members of society, but one that which uses the wealth generated by AI to build a society that is more compassionate, loving, and ultimately human. what all models can help us make this a reality? What are the advantages & limitations of the AI Revolution? What does the future look like?



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Rahul Dev - MD, Laureate