Gaurav Chaubey

Co-founder and People Science Leader, mesh.ai
Gaurav is a former human capital consulting leader with experience of over 200 performance management client projects, across 30+ countries. A Senn Delaney certified culture facilitator, Gaurav has curated and delivered over 500 unfreezing workshops for leadership and management teams around the world. Gaurav now leads the People Science team at mesh.ai, where he helps client organizations leverage technology to scale high-quality performance conversations.
11:15 - 12:15

10th Feb - Saturday Masterclass II

Grow your talent, faster: Performance Management in the age of AI

In 2024, winning organizations know that their only competitive advantage is higher talent density. Simply put, more high performers across more roles. And it’s harder today to hire hot talent than it’s ever been. So businesses need to think beyond the old rank and yank. Companies that lead the pack in speed and innovation take an intentional approach to help their people grow to peak performance, faster. Their secret sauce lies not only in process design but more importantly in how they leverage tech and indeed AI to scale high-performance habits.
Key takeaways:
  •  The business case for redesigning your performance management program in 2024
  • Emerging best practices from organizations that successfully accelerate people performance
  • The 5 key pillars of change that winning organizations focus on to successfully transform their performance management program
  • Granular use cases of tech and specifically AI to enhance their performance management program
We invite CXOs, CHROs and Talent Management practitioners for this masterclass to get an under the hood view of actionable best practices blended with tech demos.

Gaurav Chaubey - Co-founder and People Science Leader, mesh.ai


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