Deirdre Murphy

SVP, HR – Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric

As a senior HR professional with over thirty years’ HR experience, I enjoy driving HR strategies for the changing workplace & digital transformations in Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric.

As a senior human resources leader with broad global generalist career, across various sectors including IT/ Technology, Engineering & Service industries, I possess proven experience in implementing HR strategies to support the key transformations aligned to the business plans/ ambitions.

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16:30- 17:30

Friday 9th February

Talent, Technology and Planet: HR Tech for SDG 2030

The world of work connects all social partners and is the principal provider of livelihoods and security. It’s crucial, now more than ever, for labour market stakeholders to come together and realise the tremendous opportunity, and responsibility they have, to create a more sustainable future. How can industries better prepare to align themselves to SDG 2030? How can Technology blend in with Talent to serve in the best interests of our planet?



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Deirdre Murphy- SVP, HR – Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric

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