HR Showcase - A platform for organisations to showcase the most innovative and impactful HR products/Solutions.

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In HR Showcase 2024, we provide a platform for organizations to spotlight their most innovative, impactful, and remarkable HR practices and solutions. 

Corporates can apply to participate and run to be crowned the winner of

“Best Corporate HR Practice Award”

  • Strength of business driver/rationale
  • Quality of the conceptual framework 
  • Practice of Creativity / Uniqueness / Innovation
  • Rigor in Implementation/Sustainability
  • Strength of Business Impact / Measures / Outcome


Corporates can submit multiple HR best practices, there is no limit on the number of applications.

Nominations are invited in any of the HR domains from finding, growing and retaining talent programs.

One-page case-study that include the following:

  • The purpose of the HR practice (challenge that was addressed or an opportunity that was embraced)
  • Business Impact
  • Conceptual framework and Important facets of the HR practice
  • Outcome
  • Any other key details of the HR practice


Please note: The word limit for the case study is 1000 words. The document can be a word file or a power point presentation based on your preference.

Application Starts10th Oct, 2023 (Tuesday)
Submit your application on or before 15th Jan 2024(Monday)
Prelims – Jury Evaluationto be announced
Shortlisted for Finals – Announcementto be announced – call for application for booth
  • Submission of entry is Free
  • On getting selected to participate in the HR showcase at the finals – there is a fee of Rs. 50,000 + GST per application

Best Corporate HR Practice will be awarded.

Apply now to win the "Best CORPORATE HR Practices" Award

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