Prem Velayudan

Senior Director, VMware

Prem Velayudan is the Senior Director – HR at VMware. His expertise lies in Business Leadership & Talent Strategies that align with key business priorities. As part of India Leadership Council and driving Business Partnership with R&D Global sites, he partners & engages with stakeholders helping drive business outcomes. With experience spanning HR, Sales & Marketing, & Consulting, he has held various senior positions at leading tech MNCs like Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, & Philips software center.

14:30 - 15:15

Friday 19th Nov 2021

Evolving Our Leadership DNA - Managers a Critical linchpin the Transformation?

Today’s leader have never been under so much pressure. Last 18 months have completely transformed the way we work. The disruption is massive – rising demand for talent, changing business dynamics, employee burnout, mental wellness, hybrid workplace. While the world of work is undergoing such massive changes one factor that makes employees stick with an organization is Job satisfaction. A study by McKinsey states that Relationship with the management is top factor for employee job satisfaction. Unfortunately research also shows, 75% survey participants state that the most stressful aspect of their job is immediate boss. The lasting impact managers can make in individual careers is profound. Organizations are at a crucial juncture to understand the rising significance of managers role and better equip them with new age leadership skills – empathy, compassion, vulnerability, creating belonging and connecting individuals purpose to organization goals which will drive the transformation effortlessly. Join us to learn from the experts about the critical mindset and skill set to enable the future ready managers.