Neha Bagaria

Founder & CEO, HerKey

Neha Bagaria is the Founder & CEO of HerKey - India’s largest career engagement platform for women, that unlocks opportunities, learning, and communities for women by connecting them with career champions.

Neha founded HerKey (formerly JobsForHer) in 2015 after taking a 3.6-year break from her own career when she had her children. Over the last 8+ years, HerKey has witnessed remarkable growth, expanding from its inception to cater to more than 4 million women throughout India. The organization collaborates with over 15,000 companies across the country that emphasize diversity and inclusion, aiding them in connecting with and hiring more women professionals.

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14:30 - 15:30

Saturday 10th February

EV3 : Economic Value - Environmental Value - Employee Value

The EV3 framework emphasizes the interconnectedness of these three dimensions. Balancing economic, environmental, and employee value can lead to long-term success for a company, as it helps create a positive reputation, attract and retain talent, reduce risks, and meet the growing demand for socially responsible and sustainable business practices.



Neha Bagaria - Founder and CEO, HerKey

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