Sreekanth K Arimanithaya

Global Talent and Enablement Services Leader , GDS Ernst & Young

As a Leader within Global Delivery Services (GDS) at Ernst & Young LLP, Sreekanth spearheads business and HR transformation programs, emphasizing strategic change management, people supply chain management, and the digitalization of talent. With a passion for fostering synergies between traditional and forward-looking roles, he has been a longstanding advocate for leveraging technology as a pivotal driver for growth in talent and business decision-making.

Bringing over 30 years of experience, Sreekanth has played a pivotal role in addressing complex business transformation challenges across service and manufacturing industries. His extensive expertise spans human resources and broader business transformation, encompassing human resources management, people supply chain management, organizational development, technology leadership, and quality management. Notably, he excels in areas such as mergers and acquisitions, talent integration, leadership development, HR shared services, HR analytics, and change management

15:00 - 16:00

Friday 9th February

Internet of Humans (IoH) - Connected Working for Efficiency (Human Revolution 5.0)

The Internet of Humans (IoH) marks a new era in the workplace, where the synergy between technology and human potential is harnessed to achieve unparalleled efficiency. In this connected ecosystem, individuals seamlessly collaborate with smart systems, optimizing processes and workflows. IoH empowers employees to work smarter, fostering innovation and sustainable productivity, while concurrently addressing broader societal and environmental challenges. This holistic approach stands as a promising path toward a more efficient, interconnected, and impactful future of work.


Sreekanth K Arimanithaya - Global Talent and Enablement Services Leader , GDS EY