Manas Dasgupta

Founder and CEO, Teksands and Code4X

Manas Dasgupta is the Founder - CEO of Talent Solutions and Products Startup, Teksands and EdTech Platform, Code4X.dev. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Manas had a 20+ year Corporate career in IT, associated with some of the largest names in the world of Finance and Banking. His last corporate stint was of 9 years heading ANZ Bank's Wealth Management Technology team in Bengaluru.

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12:15 - 13:00

Saturday 10th February

Skill is the new Cryptocurrency

Today, in a landscape where technological advancements are the mines, and innovation the forge, your skills are the purest gold. They hold the potential to unlock limitless opportunities, shape industries, and redefine the future.



Gibin Varghese - Partner Technology Practice, WalkWater Talent Advisors

Manas Dasgupta - Founder and CEO, Teksands.ai 

Dushyant Sapre - Founder and CEO , Swishclub



John Cherian - Co-Founder, MD & CEO, enParadigm

14:00 - 15:00

9th Feb - Friday Masterclass I

Gen AI for HR

This session aims to provide valuable insights into the transformative potential of Generative AI in the HR domain.
We'll explore the following key topics:
  • Understanding Generative AI: Understand the foundational concepts behind Generative AI, delving into its applications.
  • Generative AI Capabilities: Explore the Natural Language Capabilities of Generative AI and how they can automate HR processes.
  • Demo and Examples: Examine real-world examples of organizations leveraging Generative AI in HR. Discover how these technologies can streamline recruitment, improve employee engagement, and positively impact overall HR strategy.
  • Ethics, Bias and Privacy Issues: Discuss the Ethical implications of integrating Generative AI into HR practices and responsible use of AI.
We look forward to your active participation in this informative and interactive session.
In collaboration with Teksands.ai