Prof. Dr. Ray Titus

Pro Vice Chancellor - Incubation & Innovation and Dean Business School Alliance University Bengaluru

Ray Titus currently serves as Pro Vice Chancellor - Incubation & Innovation and Dean Business School
Alliance University Bengaluru. He is also the Pro Vice Chancellor - Incubation & Innovation at the University. Ray's entry into academia followed a decade long stint in the industry where he worked with various companies that included the Landmark Gulf Group, Taj Group of Hotels, and Coffee Day.


Ray is an established writer-author whose written works have been published and featured on various media platforms. Ray's books published with Penguin-Random House (Yuva India) and Sage Publications (Round the Clock) are currently in their second editions, and find place in University libraries including NLB Singapore, Stanford U, Al Faisal U, Villanova U, Fordham UBates CollegeState Library of New South Wales among others. His blog, ‘Buyer Behaviour’ published since 2006 (Gongol traffic rankings equivalent to Oklahoma City Journal Record) has in the past been featured in the ‘Top 100 Academic Blogs Every Professional Investor Should Read’, ‘14 Best Startup Blogs That Every Entrepreneur Must Follow in 2020’ and other such listings.

11:15 - 12:15

Saturday 10th February

Digital-driven behaviours at work: The Performance Challenge

As we navigate the ever-shifting landscape of technology, this topic is at the heart of our pursuit for HR excellence. Get ready to embark on a journey that will reshape the way we understand, enhance, and optimize performance in the digital age.



Dr. Ray Titus - Professor of Marketing & Dean, Alliance School of Business, Alliance University

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Mohana M D - Chief People and Culture Officer, BetterPlace



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