Abhishek Kaushik

Co-founder & CEO @ WeCP

Abhishek Kaushik is the co-founder and CEO of WeCP. With his innovation and expertise, he has helped to scale the company to serve over 800 leading talent acquisition teams at global companies like Meta, Adobe, and Infosys.

Before starting WeCP, Abhishek was a competitive programmer at NIT Trichy. During this time, he noticed a significant challenge faced by companies: they struggled to accurately judge a candidate's skills through interview questions or assessments. This difficulty in evaluating true proficiency highlighted a gap of technology in the space. Motivated by this, Abhishek co-founded WeCP. The platform he developed focuses on making the recruitment and upskilling process more effective by assessing candidates on the actual work scenarios a business solves daily, giving them a better understanding of how candidates will perform on the job. This simple yet effective approach allows talent acquisition teams to improve the quality of hires while controlling the cost of talent acquisition.

Abhishek's favorite quote is:

"When assessments reflect your business, candidates don't just see a test; they see a future at your company."

14:30 - 15:30

Saturday 10th February

EV3 : Economic Value - Environmental Value - Employee Value

The EV3 framework emphasizes the interconnectedness of these three dimensions. Balancing economic, environmental, and employee value can lead to long-term success for a company, as it helps create a positive reputation, attract and retain talent, reduce risks, and meet the growing demand for socially responsible and sustainable business practices.



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