•  Shivakumar 9:45 – 10:15

    Opening Keynote

    The workplace transformation, we are certain, will be an amalgamation of complex, changing and competing forces. Some of these forces may be certain but the speed at which some can unfold may be hard to predict. A McKinsey survey has found that the post-pandemic era has speeded the adoption of digital technologies by several years & many of these changes could be there for the long haul. Another interesting find by PWC talks about how 60% surveyed across India, UK, US, China & Germany think ‘few people will have stable, long-term employment in the future’. With the world and organizations changing rapidly than ever, let’s hear from our Keynote speaker on areas such as the changing dynamics of work, culture, leadership in this post-pandemic era or the hybrid world.

  • 10.15- 11.00

    Embracing Hybrid with Head, Heart and Soul

    Once in a generation, Leaders may have the opportunity to redesign work the way we can. Our leaders are putting their Head, Heart & Soul into designing Hybrid models, while employees are still re-evaluating their relationship with work, what will the end result look like ?A recent report by McKinsey shows that Majority of the Workforce (62%) pre-pandemic preferred Fully On Site work model, whereas Majority of the Workforce (52%) post-pandemic prefer Hybrid work model. The report also highlights the fact that a hybrid model is more complicated than a fully remote one and at scale, using it will be an unprecedented event in which all kinds of norms will be put to the test. Join us for a session on designing the next Hybrid Operating Model, Empathizing with the Workforce, Embracing the test of agility and learning culture & more!

  • 11:15 - 12:00

    Agile Talent Management Strategies for Changing Workplace Reskilling Our Workforce for Success Including Exploring GIG

    Call it an aftermath of a widespread pandemic or an opportunity to look at the way Talent is attracted, developed and retained. Reskilling of Talent and shift towards GIG culture are the two key aspects that would feature into the vision of every organization. Welcome to the most demanding ‘Reskilling phase’ of the century! Whether it is due to demographic shifts or gradually increasing demand along with decreasing supply of talent; talent management practices through reskilling have evolved over the years to cater to organization-specific trends. The World Economic Forum estimates that over half of all employees (54%) will require ‘significant’ reskilling by 2022. As demand for new capabilities gathers pace, reskilling and upskilling comes to the rescue of the organizations. It lets them remain in the battlefield by being competitive. Organizations such as Airbnb, Grofers, Ola cabs and likes have meaning fully implemented agile Talent management techniques through reskilling and made the most of GIG culture. Owing to On-demand platforms based on the digital economy and ease of work based on convenience, in the economy created a new labor force characterized by independent and contractual labor and thus the GIG culture popped up in the last few decades, and this trend accelerated during the 2020 economic crisis. Join the session to find out if all of this is at its peak, can organizations even imagine staying silent when it comes to reskilling of talent and its GIG culture!

  • 12:00 - 12:30

    Embedding Learning Agility into Our Organizations

    As we imagine a future after COVID-19, we have a chance to make some very different choices about work. While digital skills also gain importance, human skills like resilience, adaptability, innovation, and empathy also become more important than ever. LinkedIn’s 2020 workplace learning report showed that L&D continues to garner both budget and buy-in. There is a lot of research to see how learning is evolving and the factors influencing how we learn. These factors include new discoveries in brain science on how people learn, trends such as human and machine interaction, and advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Join the session to listen to L&D leader’s view on how to be mindful of all the factors and looking at redesigning learning from three lenses: Learner, Content, and Enablers.

  • 9:30 - 10: 15

    Tech Platform to Leverage the H In HR ?

    Artificial intelligence powered by Analytics is declared as “the coolest job of the 21st century” ! The chance to design a better world does touch each one of us at personal purpose level. Technology today has become the backbone to design a more meaningful human interaction – be in terms of friendly chatbots, interpreting employee feedback & trend, gamifying our learning etc ! As technology platforms and capabilities supporting digital transformation have evolved multifold we are leveraging the same in building & sustaining the wow experience for all our stakeholder by moving the needle from data to information to actionable insights. At the current times of virtual chaos, from Startups to established organizations, every organization is doing its best to make their data talk in this virtually dispersed world! We have data! We have knowledge! We have insights! Then What’s next! What’s next in fully leveraging the Technology in the current hybrid world! Join the session to find out more!

  • 10:15 - 11:00

    Mental Wellness how we Institutionalize in Our Organizations

    At a time when we bring so much of ourselves to work, mental health is still something we don’t like talking about at the office. What if we objectively create a work environment where employees feel comfortable expressing mental health conditions – Would it improve the workplace experience? Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity? An article from Harvard business review stated that nearly 200 million workdays are lost due to mental health conditions each year ($16.8 billion in employee productivity) yet, almost 60% of employees have never spoken to anyone at work about their mental health status. The study also found that less than half of the respondents felt that mental health was prioritized at their organization – What can we do more to change this around? Find out more in the session!

  •  Tanmay Vora 11:15 - 12:00
    Tanmay Vora

    Demystifying Sketch Notes

    Based on the various researches on learning styles, humans are considered more inclined towards auditory or visual learning. Some prefer listening to podcasts and some read/visualize articles and learn from those. Interesting isn’t it how different types of brain adapts to different styles. Sketch noting, also commonly referred to as visual notetaking, harnesses the creative and graphic process through which an individual can record their thoughts with the use of illustrations, symbols, structures, and texts. It increases and improves the power of an individual’s creativity and learning. Imagine how interesting it would be when you can visualize Insights and Sketch notes on Leadership, Learning, and Change in order to execute them ! Join the session to learn how to Sketch Note from an Expert!

  •  Nimish Singhania 12:00 - 12:30
    Nimish Singhania

    Finding Mindfulness Amidst Digital Madness

    To say it was an unprecedented year would be an understatement. So many of the pillars keeping us sane have been toppled: we’re confined to our homes, unable to see many of the people we love; money and health worries abound; the news is like a disaster movie; our sleep is disrupted. Not only is the pandemic beyond our control, but there is no clear, identifiable end point. Against a constant stream of distractions, a moment of presence helps us make a conscious choice about what to focus on next—and to be less reactive when our emotions get triggered. Mindfulness can give us some calm as we embrace using technology more to make the best of our circumstances. Perhaps more than anything, though, our mindfulness practice reminds us to stay curious toward all that we meet in our experience whilst living innumerable parallel lives through glass screens. Join this practical session on Mindfulness!

  • 9:15 - 10:15



  •  Pratik Mehta 10:15 -11:45
    Pratik Mehta

    Future of Learning

  • 12:00 -13:15

    Beyond CSR- A Panel Discussion

    Our panel of experts share their thoughts on how do we look beyond CSR & how do we collectively take CSR to the next level by focusing on themes:

    How do we move ahead beyond CSR and What is the path ahead? How do we bring this sector into the mainstream of the economy? How do we ensure governance of large number of small and medium Civil Society Organizations? What mechanisms should be in place to adopt for continuous financial support? How do we ensure participation of public or Janata/Samaj?

  •  Geoff McDonald 12:15-14:00
    Geoff McDonald

    Employee Wellbeing a strategic priority - A Competitive Advantage?

    Geoff brings his immense knowledge, experience and expertise to the conversation around employee wellbeing and mental health. The pandemic has created context and therefore opportunities to consider this question of whether this will remain an adhoc "good to have" or a strategic imperative. How will this play out in the future? Will an organization which looks at employee health as a strategic focus in the EVP get ahead of the curve? Join us in this insightful knowledge session!

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