Tanmay Vora

Author, Business Leader and Sketchnote Enthusiast, QAspire Consulting

Tanmay Vora is a senior business leader, author of three international books and illustrator of best-selling books. At QAspire Consulting, he helps teams and organizations deliver high-performance through organizational consulting, leadership development and strategic capability building. He has also created 100’s of viral sketchnotes on leadership, learning and change that he shares his blog https://qaspire.com/

11:15 - 12:00

Saturday 20th Nov 2021

Demystifying Sketch Notes

Based on the various researches on learning styles, humans are considered more inclined towards auditory or visual learning. Some prefer listening to podcasts and some read/visualize articles and learn from those. Interesting isn’t it how different types of brain adapts to different styles. Sketch noting, also commonly referred to as visual notetaking, harnesses the creative and graphic process through which an individual can record their thoughts with the use of illustrations, symbols, structures, and texts. It increases and improves the power of an individual’s creativity and learning. Imagine how interesting it would be when you can visualize Insights and Sketch notes on Leadership, Learning, and Change in order to execute them ! Join the session to learn how to Sketch Note from an Expert!