Vishwanadh Raju

Head Talent Acquisition Operations, ANSR

Vishwanadh Raju. International Award-winning Human resources Professional with Expertise in Global Talent Acquisition with over 20+ years of experience in managing Talent Acquisition in Product Development and Investment Banking Captives. Managed Business transformation with talent acquisition Strategy. Expertise in both high volume, niche hiring and Executive Hiring. Enabled Global Talent Branding, Talent Strategy, Candidate Experience and University Relations in his career. Currently Heading Talent Acquisition and Strategy  @ ANSR Global- A Global Consulting Company enabling GCC’s.

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12:00 - 13:00

Friday 9th February

Hiring Bots: Humans and Digital Twins

Represents the cutting-edge paradigm of talent acquisition, marrying human insight with AI-powered precision to shape the workforce of the future.The concept of "Hiring Bots and Digital Twins" emphasizes that, in the digital age, technology can significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the hiring process. However, it should not replace the essential role of humans in evaluating candidates and making final decisions. The key is to strike a balance that leverages the strengths of both components to build a strong and diverse workforce.



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Vishwanadh Raju - Head Talent Acquisition Operations, ANSR