Abhishek Ranjan

Sr Director - Sustainability and Admin/ Facilities, Brillio

Abhishek Ranjan is the Global Head of Administration, ESG, EHS, CSR, and D&I at Brillio. He is responsible for leading Brillio's sustainability programs and associated thought leadership and communications on a global scale. He played a key role in building the sustainability practice at Brillio and is known for his work on the award-winning CSR program called "Brillio Bringing Smiles," which aims to help 1 million under-served children. Additionally, Abhishek leads the Carbon Net Zero and Neutral program, Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, and the Employee We Care program in all of Brillio's global locations, including India, UK, Mexico, US, Canada, and Romania.

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Saturday 10th February

EV3 : Economic Value - Environmental Value - Employee Value

The EV3 framework emphasizes the interconnectedness of these three dimensions. Balancing economic, environmental, and employee value can lead to long-term success for a company, as it helps create a positive reputation, attract and retain talent, reduce risks, and meet the growing demand for socially responsible and sustainable business practices.



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Abhishek Ranjan - Sr Director - Sustainability and Admin/ Facilities, Brillio



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