Rupen Paul

Stand-up Comedian

Rupen Paul is a stand-up comedian who has done more than 400 shows across the country. He has own weekly podcast called "The Right Room Podcast". When he's not doing shows he is writing as well as making videos for his Youtube Channel. He considers himself a funny yet grumpy man who quit his job to pursue a career in making people laugh at his failures.

17: 45- 18: 30

Friday 19th Nov 2021

Fun with Stand Up Comedy

“Rupen is a writer, content creator, trainer and a professional communicator. He has written digital content for brands, short pieces of comedic fiction as well as serious non-fiction. He also conducts leadership workshops for college graduates entering the workplace.
Apart from this he is a podcast host to, The Right Room, listed by Apple as ‘New and Noteworthy’. Rupen is also a professional stand-up comedian who has done over 100 shows across the country. Join us for a fun filled evening, Stand Up Comedy Show!”