Godelieve van Dooren

CEO Southeast Asia Growth Markets, Mercer

Godelieve van Dooren spearheads the growth and expansion of Mercer in South East Asia’s high growth markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand, helping companies navigate the health, wealth and career needs of the fast-evolving workforce in the region. Her expertise in designing and delivering impactful people solutions empowers Mercer’s clients in their business and workforce transformation as they navigate the realities of a post-COVID 19 world.

15:15 - 15:45

Friday 19th Nov 2021

Redesigning Reward for Anywhere - Trends & Insights

“In an increasingly challenging global market, the organization’s adaptability to find new ways to reward excellent work and engage new sources of talent will continue to be critical for sustaining innovation and growth.
One of the recent employee engagement surveys supports this claim. In comparison with non-thriving employees, engaged employees perform 27% better overall and 89% better on innovation. Also, they are 79% more committed to the organization. Today, as the war to retain talent escalates, an organization’s focus to value their employees has become much more important than ever. It is much more about creating an experience and making them feel valued and relevant. Let’s hear from our speakers on their take on this critical segment of the HR fraternity. ”