Ramesh Ranjan

Co-founder & CEO Global HR Community

Author of the book : Making People Count : How to measure the ROI on Human Capital. 

A Professor, Startup Mentor, Business Consultant, Executive Coach, Content Manager & Editor

  1. CEO at Global HR Community.
  2. Selected in the MG 25 India Coaches group by Dr Marshall Goldsmith.
  3. Selected by Silicon India Magazine as SI Top 10 Prominent Leadership Coach 2023
  4.  A Mentor at E-Cell, IIT Bombay for the 26th edition of Eureka! - Asia’s largest business model competition and help nurture startups and innovative ideas to build enterprises.
  5. 4 decades of experience in Human Resources Management
  6. Ex VPHR in Schneider Electric India, leadership positions in American Power Conversion (APC), Chevron Texaco/Caltex India, Praxair India, Co Systems India, Indian Herbs & ITI
  7. Mentor & Advisor to a couple of Startups, Executive Coach to CEO and CXO's
  8. Currently Professor (HR) at IFIM School of Management and visiting Professor at WE School, NMIMS, ISME, Jain University, XIME & Christ University in Bangalore. Visiting Professor @ Prague University of Economics & Business, Czech Republic.
  9. Ex Content Management Partner for IIM Bangalore-NAASCOM Leadership Resource Centre
  10. Founder & Editor of www.humanengineers.com, an award winning HR Blog/Website
  11. Ex Vice President & Secretary of NHRD Bangalore Chapter, member of the India HR Council of the AMCHAM, New Delhi, Member of the Roundtable of HR Directors of Petroleum Companies, and Member of the India HR Council of Conference Board.
16:30 - 17:30

9th Feb - Friday Masterclass I

HR Analytics

Overview: This master class provides a comprehensive overview of HR Analytics, focusing on how to leverage data to make informed human resource decisions and improve employee experiences. It is tailored for HR professionals, managers, and business leaders who are looking to integrate analytics into their HR practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Enhanced understanding of HR analytics and its business impact
  • Knowledge of how to measure and improve the total employee experience
  • Skills to apply HR metrics effectively throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Insight into predictive analytics and AI applications in HR