Megha Awasthy

Director A& D, APAC, Steelcase

Megha Awasthy, Director A&D, APAC at Steelcase, the global leader in the office furniture industry, is responsible for the seminal propagation of Steelcase research & design ideation across the region, to assess and engage in workplace design consultations and bridge the gap between applied research, organizational vision & the physical environment. She is a certified Action Learning Coach from the World Institute of Action Learning , Washington ,with over 10 yrs experience.

12:30 - 13:00

Friday 19th Nov 2021

Designing Future Workplaces for Innovation, Productivity & Engagement

We have come a long way from cubed seating workspace to unique & quirky lively workspace that incorporates homely feels into office space, encourage collaboration/ innovation. Covid has accelerated hybrid workspace with a blend of office workspace supported by technology and work from home/ co working models. Employers are reimagining the future workplace that aligns with their organization strategy. Employee wellness & safety is no longer good to have, instead a baseline. What does the future of workplaces hold for us – let’s get a sneak peak in this session!