Sunita Wazir

Senior Global Wellbeing Manager, Unilever

Sunita Wazir is a Mumbai-based Human Resources and Leadership Development professional with 26 years of Industry experience. In her second career as an HR and OD Strategist, She is leading large company-wide change projects with organizations including Hindustan Unilever Ltd and the Tata Sons - Group Human Resources working on Simplification, Process Change, Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Business Process Reengineering and Leadership Development.

10:15 - 11:00

Saturday 20th Nov 2021

Mental Wellness how we Institutionalize in Our Organizations

At a time when we bring so much of ourselves to work, mental health is still something we don’t like talking about at the office. What if we objectively create a work environment where employees feel comfortable expressing mental health conditions – Would it improve the workplace experience? Reduce absenteeism and increase productivity? An article from Harvard business review stated that nearly 200 million workdays are lost due to mental health conditions each year ($16.8 billion in employee productivity) yet, almost 60% of employees have never spoken to anyone at work about their mental health status. The study also found that less than half of the respondents felt that mental health was prioritized at their organization – What can we do more to change this around? Find out more in the session!