Pravin Agarwala

Co-Founder & Group CEO, BetterPlace

Pravin is the Co-Founder & Group CEO of BetterPlace, Asia’s largest SaaS and frontline workforce management platform. Looking at the inadequate attention given to the blue-collar sector and the large demand and supply gap that has been left unaddressed, Pravin co-founded the company in 2015 with a mission to build a better world for the frontline workers across the globe. Through the years, Pravin has carefully built a team of purpose driven people who aim to achieve the collective vision of the company and work towards a bright future for the blue-collar ecosystem.

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10:30- 11:30

Friday 9th February

Scaling People...Embracing Disruption (Candidate Experience Mgt)

Companies must demonstrate their commitment to a broader set of societal challenges to stay an employer of choice for the candidates. The aftertaste of experience at all stages of candidate experience is becoming starkingly non negotiable for companies. Join us for a enriching discussion with our esteemed panel on how companies must gear up to create meaningful candidate experience.



Atul Bhandari - Partner and Board Director, Spencer Stuart

Rajiv Jayaraman - Founder CEO, KNOLSKAPE

Pravin Agarwala - Co-Founder & CEO, BetterPlace



Srinivasa Bharathy - MD & CEO, Adrenalin eSystems