Subhashini Sriram

Head HR, Carelon Global

Subhashini is an accomplished and passionate people leader, renowned for her high-energy approach and proven ability to transform HR teams, driving tangible business impact. With a remarkable track record, she excels in conceptualizing strategic programs and initiatives, translating them into reality through relentless execution. She possesses a unique skill set that combines human empathy, data-driven insights, and technological innovation, enabling her to build HR teams that make influential contributions to business success.

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9:45 - 10:45

Saturday 10th February

Leadership Paradigm for a Digital DNA

A leadership paradigm for a Digital DNA organization involves a mindset shift towards a tech-savvy, adaptable, and customer-focused approach, with a commitment to embracing digital technologies as the foundation of the organization's existence and growth. This paradigm is essential for staying competitive and relevant in the modern business landscape.This paradigm recognizes that in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, organizations need to incorporate digital thinking and capabilities into their very core, just like DNA is the fundamental building block of life.



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Subhashini Sriram - Head HR, Carelon Global