Grand HR Showcase 2022 Awards

Companies, HR Startups, Academia, CSRs and Research Scholars share their most impactful HR practices & initiatives - with the participants and compete for the coveted Grand HR Showcase 2022 awards

Participating INSTITUTIONS/UNIVERSITIES Shortlisted Final List  

Jury Members

Dr. Rupande_Padaki

Dr. Rupande Padaki

Former President of NHRD Bangalore Chapter, and the Trustee of India Cares Foundation

Mr. Kiran Steven

COE - Corporate HR , Campus & HR Communication, Page Industries Ltd

Mr. Nagraj V

Advisor & Chief Consultant at HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Co Founder & Chapter Head - South - Indian Academy of Entrepreneurship (IAEGlocal)

Santosh George

Mr. Santosh George

Director - Human Resources Archangel HR Solutions

Jury Special Mention

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